Can you say...."I AM ENOUGH" and truly mean it?

Harder than it sounds, I know.

I used to find it awkward and cringe-worthy, too.

But it doesn't have to stay that way.


Release yourself from the chains of your own self-limiting beliefs and commit to yourself, honour yourself enough to become the woman who requires no more validation from others.

Show up fully as yourself and be proud, if you can't play the lead in your own life - when can you? Sheesh!



You Deserve To Be Able To MEAN It When You Say..


During The Time With Me You Will Learn...

  • How To Identify And Eliminate The Voice That Tells You "I Am Not Enough"
  • To Figure Out What YOU Truly Want In Life (HINT: It's not what you think you want)
  • How To Power Up Your Self-Esteem Enough To Go & Get That Life!
  • To Root Out And Address Those Limiting Beliefs That Are Keeping You STUCK
  • How Clearing Clutter And Setting Boundaries Can Protect Your Personal Power
  • The Protection And Prevention Tools To Prevent Self-Sabotage

You will also learn how the diet & fitness industry feeds your insecurities and keeps you stuck in that 'lack' mindset - and learn WHAT you can do about it.

WARNING: Some secrets will be revealed that may shock you. No, really...I'm being serious. Some of the tricks are pretty bad.

Yes, I'm Ready To DO THIS!

Your 8 Week Journey Towards Authentic Confidence

You will receive 8 hours worth of content delivered by me, for you to watch in the comfort of your own home - whenever you want, as many times as you want.

You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions, get help with any of the topics or just hang out with other like minded peeps who are on the same journey.

I wont just close the door on you after the 8 weeks, you will have immediate access to my "Peace of Mind" support membership where you can stay accountable and in contact with me and the rest of the team to ensure that you KEEP moving forward.


  • Two Private Member Areas

    You Will Have Access To Our Private Member’s Area Where All Of The Course Content Will Be Stored For You To Re-Visit As Often As You Want. PLUS Access To Our Private Member’s Only Facebook Community

  • Ongoing Access To Me For When (or if) You Get Stuck

    In Addition To The 8 Hour Long Course Webinar’s, You Will ALSO Get Access To Me In the Facebook Group To Ask Any Questions That May Crop Up On Your Journey, Plus Access To A Private Email Address If You Prefer To Chat In Private.

  • On Going Support

    In Order For You To Make The Magic Happen In Your Life, I Understand That You May Need That Little Extra Support. So I’ve Included The Ongoing Access To Me via Email & the Facebook Group Into The On Going “Peace of Mind” Membership, So I’ll Always Be On Hand To Guide You Through Any Future Rough Patches.


Why Did I Create This Course?

I created this course as a result of my 16 year long career in Nutrition and Fitness Coaching.

The concept behind Empower Me Up! is to help as many women like you as I can to unleash your own internal power to be able to live happy, confident and powerful lives.

I want to help enable you to really tap in to your own true greatness and step into your full potential, finally leaving behind those limitations you place onto yourself.

Through my many years of nutrition, fitness and health coaching, it became evident to me that the majority of women aren’t in a place of power with who they are at their core. I spent years witnessing the truly awful opinions that women had of themselves and watched as far too many wonderful women stood back in the shadows, feeling completely unworthy of anything that life had to offer to them.

Empower Me Up! is a course dedicated to self-belief. The fundamental basics of self-esteem are at the core of the decisions we make in life, and it became very clear to me that TOO MANY women, like you, get so easily entangled into these states of gut-wrenching self-doubt and guilt, leaving you with absolutely zero self-belief to fight it off.

We need that fight. We can’t survive this world without it!

I found mine. My story will be told. I will tell you all about how I spent years living with crippling self-doubt, and how I am now experiencing life with true authentic confidence. My story and experience brings me to this point now, and I want to help you to do the same.

I can't wait to share your journey with you. Let's get powerful!

Join Me & Claim Your Right To Feel Gawd Damn Awesome!

See What Others Have Said..

“I have to say I am blown away with how I am feeling just now. I never expected for a moment to feel like this and it is just awesome. I am in control of everything and I make my own decisions. I have even found that I am more confident and am standing up for myself more. You have been an absolute Godsend to me and you have genuinely changed my life! :)"


"I'm very grateful I've found a coach with so much insight and knowledge 🙂 It's helped me see the areas I need to work on with myself and how inter-related they are to so many deep feelings/emotions which effect many aspects of my life. How pleased am I to have your support & guidance? Extremely :-)"


"Heather you are authentic and have far more understanding of the complexity of what makes a healthy happy person. After 40 years of dieting, starving myself, following every diet and fitness craze I am slowly realising that it's about the whole package. Thank you Heather - you give me hope."


You have given me so many tools to work with and I honestly can't believe the change in my life over the last 4/5 months. You have helped so much and couldn't of done it without you. I finally feel totally free from any restriction in my life, any deep seated fear and I really don't feel like I need to be anyone but me!

It's so amazing to be able to say that and I can't thank you enough.


Start YOUR Journey Today

Feel Fearless, Feel Fabulous and Live Unapologetically as YOU!